Maui DIY Rustic Church Wedding

We had so much fun photographing the beautiful DIY Maui wedding of Mackenzie and Mike in Lahaina, Hawaii, and are excited to share a bit about this couple's love story along with their wedding images. The bride and groom are both from San Diego, California, and grew up only 10-miles away from each other! Though they didn't meet until they attended the same college, Loyola Marymount University. Their mutal roomates were dating so they met naturally through them and after that first meeting It wasn't long before they were inseparable!

A few years later a sweet proposal followed, we'll let the groom tell about it from his perspective:

It wasn't until we moved across the country together to New York City that I finally knew for an absolute fact that this relationship not only was rock solid, but also was ready to go the long haul. Her mom came to visit before I had proposaed and knew about my palns, so we waited until Mackenzie was at work and we went ring shopping together. Then I waited until two of her eventual bridesmaids were there to visit in November of 2015 to ask the question. The four of us went to explore the Chelsea area and I made a point to walk the High Line with everyone. This was where Mackenzie and I had gone on our first day in NYC so it has become a very special place for us. The only problem was that the weather was terrible, stormy and rainy. That wouldn't stop me though. I pulled her over so her friends could take a photo of the two of us. She was being resistant because she hates being publicly affectionate, so she wasn't looking when I got onto one knee, and when she turned around, her first words were, "Are you shitting me?!" It wasn't for another ten seconds or so that she said yes and because she literally didn't even realize she had to answer the question. It was that automatic. Her friends got it all on video and we celebrated all night!

So how did the couple choose Maui as their destination wedding location? Read on to find out directly from the bride:

I grew up coming to Maui at least once a year. One of my favorite things to do while my family was home in Kahana, was walking to the Honokawai Farmers Market. On that walk, my mom and I would walk past the Lahuiokalani Kaanapali Congregational Church. We'd always say that's where I'm going to get married.  Maui is more than just a vacaation place for me, it's my second home. 

After Mike and I had been dating for about 2-3 years, I was finally able to bring him with us to Maui for the first time. In a matter of time, it not only became a special place for him, but a second home for him as well.

We think it's so sweet that Mackenzie's childhood dream came true and she was married at the Lahulokalani Church to the love of her life! Gazing through their wedding images, you can practically feel the love and genuine excitetement that was evident between everyone involved in their special day. A huge mahalo to Mackenzie and Mike for choosing J. Anthony Martinez Photography to document one of the most important days of your lives, it was an honor and a pleasure!

The happy couple describe their favorite moment of their wedding which also corresponds to one of our favorite wedding photos from their day!

After the ceremony and photos, we got to drive over to the reception location in the 1957 Porsche Speedster. One of the coolest moments of the wedding day was pulling up to the reception with everyone standing outside cheering. And it must have been fate or something, because as we were coming around the corner, "Life in the Fast Lane" by the Eagles (one of my favorite bands) came on the radio, so we go to blast that during this spectacular moment, with the engine roaring and all of our loved ones yelling and cheering. 

Maui Wedding Venue: Lahulokalani Church  //  Maui Wedding Photographer: J. Anthony Martinez Photography  //  Porsche Speedster Rental: Maui Roadsters  //  Reception Venue: Girard's in Lahaina  //  Ceremony and Reception Decor: DIY by the Bride