I was born in Orange County, California and began taking photos at the ripe age of 6. 

After falling in love with both my high school sweet-heart and the camera, I went on to study abroad as an exchange student in Brazil. I apprenticed with a local proffesional photographer while studying at Sao Paulo State University (UNESP). Upon returning home to the U.S. I decided to attend photography school at Colorado Mountain College (CMC) near Aspen, where I earned an Associate in Applied Science degree in professional photography.

After graduating from CMC with my photography degree, I worked as a newspaper photojournalist for "The Times Call".  

Shortly thereafter in the year 2000, I began photographing for a local wedding photographer (www.donalaurita.com) in Boulder, Colorado. I was completely intrigued by the fun nature of weddings. My transition into wedding photojournalism came quite effortlessly and I quickly realized that the wedding celebration provided an environment that was both exciting and inspirational for my photographic work. Capturing peoples range of emotions became an additiction for me.  As a photographer, playing such a integral part of someone's wedding day is a high honor and an adrenaline rush!

A year passed by and I decided to take a leap of faith and move to Maui, Hawaii in 2001 with my high-school sweet heart. Together we now raise our two wonderful daughters here on the majestic island of Maui. What a blessing!

When I'm not "snapping-pics", I really enjoy simple moments with my family. 

Art, music, movies, surfing, yoga, mountain biking, aquaponic gardening and brewing kombucha are my passions. 

I live the life I love and love the life I live. I look forward to sharing this life experience with you.


J. Anthony Martinez